LG V20: The Best of Smartphone of 2016??

    There are a lot of smartphones came out in 2016. And some smartphone companies has also released two flagship devices this year, like Samsung (S7/S7 Edge & Note7). So, LG is not left behind. LG is coming out with LG V20, successor to LG V10 (which was released last year).

    LG V20 Smartphone

    Lately, LG has downfall after releasing a phone with modular capabilities (LG G5). Though last year’s LG V10 had a great hype but LG did not release it widely around the globe creating a major loss in the company’s revenue. So, this time LG is betting everything on the LG V20 which is going to be released on 6th September in Seoul. Well, a lot of hypes and rumors all around on LG’s dual screen smartphone and this is what we expect from it;


    LG V20 Smartphone[Pic Courtsey: @Onleaks and @AndroidAuth]

    LG V20 is expected to have similar design like LG G5 with some new flavors of aesthetics. There are also rumors that V20 might have design combo of LG G5 + LG V10 and may not support modules as LG G5 did.

    LG V20 Smartphone

    V20 is rumored to come with 5.7” QHD (1440x2560p) AMOLED display. This is the same display which Samsung’s S7 & Note7 had. So, expecting a great screen is no bad and LG won’t let you down.

    LG V20 Smartphone

    And LG V20 has Dual Screen. So, the second screen is about 2.1” (160×1040) always on display. Which can be further customized according to your need.


    LG V20 Smartphone

    This is something which everybody looks up to. V20 is expected to have 20/21MP Dual Lens rear cameras and Dual 8MP front facing cameras. We expect that this time (probably) you can make use of both the lens for a wider angle shot.

    What’s inside the device??

    LG V20 Smartphone

    This is the first device coming with Android Nougat (7.0), which is the 7th major version of the Android operating system.

    LG V20 Smartphone

    Like any other flagship smartphone in the market, LG V20 will also sport Snapdragon 820 chipset inside which will be paired with 4GB of RAM (Not Surprising, LG G5 also has 4GB of RAM). This device is expected to come in 64GB/128GB variant which can the further be expanded via MircoSD. This device is probably going to have 4,000mAh of battery, which is larger than that of LG G5 and LG V10.

    LG V20 Smartphone

    • This is 2016, so expect every device to come with a fingerprint sensor for that speedy unlock.
    • V20 will be coming with 3.5mm standard audio jack, which is indeed becoming a feature now.
    • V20 will feature Quad DAC to improve the audio quality and rich audio environment to the music listeners.
    • This device will come with B&O play headphones in the box for the powerful audio.

    LG V20 Smartphone

    This is something we can judge now, but there a lot of rumors on this device being priced anywhere around $600-$800 and in India it will be priced anywhere between  ₹40K – ₹50K This device not expected to be priced on the bulkier side. But let’s see what LG does.

    Wrap Up

    LG V20 is none less than a great smartphone to have your pocket. With great features and specs, LG is not far lagging behind any company. This phone has all the potential to be the best smartphone of 2016 (No brainer), especially after Samsung Note7’s battery issue.

    LG V20 Smartphone

    There are a lot of things we know about this device and there are a lot of we won’t know until the release.

    Anyways, I hope you like the content. Do you think this V20 marks your standards of “The Best Smartphone”?? If no, then which is your best smartphone of 2016?? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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