Magic Leap And Sennheiser Teamed Up To Explore And Enhance Spatial Audio

    To help Sennheiser enhance and explore spatial audio accessory solutions, Magic Leap has teamed up with the audio giant. The secretive mixed reality-makers first headset, the One Creator Edition, is equipped with onboard speakers for audio.

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    Explore And Enhance Spatial Audio

    The secretive mixed reality-makers, first headset to come accommodated with a headphone jack. Sennheiser will be creating accessories specifically for Magic Leap devices, and you might be able to plug some of them into that port.

    Spatial Audio

    A truly immersive sound is must for mixed reality, so a pair of headphones designed for the Magic Leap headset might be able to deliver better audio than other brands and models can. Sennheiser is also ensuring that anything it offers will work with the brand’s mixed reality devices.

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    After years of hype and secrecy, Magic Leap launched its first headset in August. The One Creator Edition is only available in limited quantities, only to creators in the US for US$2,295 (~Rs 1,66,215).


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