Google May Introduce Apple Boot Camp-Like Windows 10 dual boot On ChromeBooks With “Campfire”

    Chromebooks are still preferred over traditional windows notebooks in most schools and universities as they are more secure and limited in terms of features. A majority of ChromeOS notebooks are weak and cheap but few Chromebooks like Google PixelBook offer powerful hardware configurations.

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    Chrome OS isn’t able to utilize the hardware to its full potential in these notebooks. Well, Google is working on a secretive project known as campfire to get Windows 10 running on Chromebooks. This is similar to Apple’s Boot Camp and will allow users to install Windows 10 on a majority of ChromeOS devices.

    Campfire: Chrome Alt OS

    As Campfire is developed by Google, it will help ChromeOS users to seamlessly boot into Windows 10. Users can boot into Alt OS without the hassle of configuring developers mode. It is worth noting that, Alt OS and Campfire won’t make it to the hundreds of Chromebooks. This new feature will be limited to only new devices, or even only to official Google-branded devices. As adding support to multiple devices requires added testing and configuration.


    Campfire and Alt OS mode are still in development and testing phase. The developers have been pushing fairly hard to get changes merged sooner rather than later, indicating a tight timescale on Chrome’s roadmap. Furthermore, we can expect a demo in Google’s hardware launch event that is just a few months away.

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    Setting Up Campfire

    Developers have reworked the way in which they distribute updates for Campfire. A rarely-used section of ROM on Chromebooks called RW_LEGACY. The RW_LEGACY section on a Chromebook’s ROM traditionally gives users the ability to dual-boot into an alternative OS. Most companies don’t worry about this section and it is rarely updated after a device leaves the factory. Now, with Campfire Google will push signed updates to RW_LEGACY via the regular auto-update process.

    Do share your thoughts and opinions on Campfire that will help users to run Windows 10 on Chromebooks.



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