Microsoft Killing Lumia Lineup, Focusing on Surface Phones!

    Microsoft introduced surface phones quite a while ago. Lumia phones have been in the market for such a long period of time. Rumors suggest that Microsoft supposedly killing Lumia lineup and going forward with Surface phones. It is said that Microsoft will end Lumia lineup and production of Windows 10 devices by the end of 2016.

    Microsoft Lumia

    It’s quite obvious because it been a long time Lumia isn’t hitting consumers up to the level and everybody is switching to either Android or iOS. There have been long down sales for Lumia in every single quarter. After Microsoft taken over Nokia there was no significant change in the sales and product delivery.

    Microsoft Lumia

    Microsoft at first targeted the lower budget audience and manufactured many low and effective budget phones, which went good at first and then gradually Android devices came in offering much more budget friendly device considering Microsoft’s pricing and taken over the market rapidly.

    Surface Phones

    Considering all the downfall Microsoft (As rumored) might discontinue all the Lumia lineup and bring Surface phones into limelight, Or Microsoft might end all and start all new. Anyhow, Winbeta says that Microsoft is not going to dump Lumia instead it is likely to sell existing stock in a discounted price. You can starting checking out the discounted prices on Lumia handsets already.

    Microsoft Surface Phone

    Winbeta claims that the much rumored Surface Phone is going to hit the market by the end of the October. This could be Microsoft’s flagship device for 2016. And even  Microsoft’s director of engineering, Laura Butler, teased a tweeted on Surface Phones.

    “Surface Phone not NOT confirmed”, she wrote. The double “NOT” also suggest that there could be no Surface Phones. Suspense still rests.

    Checkout the below video: Is Windows Phone Still Good To Go?? Comparison!

    Anyways, I hope you like the content. What do you think about Microsoft’s new lineup?? Are you excited about the surface phones?? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.

    Courtesy: Winbeta, Pocket-lint

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