Google Opens Up Maps API To Game Developers; How Beneficial?

    You would definitely remember the Pokemon Go craze that transformed the entire smartphone gaming industry. Well, Google has opened up the Google Maps API which will result in the development of more and more Pokemon Go like games. This might also end up flooding the Play Store with more real-world games. So here’s how opening up Maps API will prove beneficial to the game developers.

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    Google Maps API: What’s The Benefit?

    Opening up Google Maps API will help developers to access real-time updates and rich location data. These will speed up the process of developing and customizing real-world. As an added benefit Google Maps is coming to Unity game engine as well.

    Maps API 2

    Well, this will prove helpful to turn buildings, roads, and public-places into GameObjects in Unity. Developers will gain access to “100 million 3D buildings” through the Unity interface, where they can customize the appearance of their virtual world.

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    Maps API: Development Has Started

    Well, you will be surprised to know that developers have already started developing games based on Maps API. The initial games revolve around the aesthetics of Pokemon Go. Some of the featured Google Maps game include Ghostbusters World AR game, Jurassic World Alive and The Walking Dead: Our World. Google will introduce more Maps API and its partnered developers games at GDC 2018 next week.

    Consequently, Google has taken a very helpful step to help revolutionize the smartphone gaming industry. Else, it would have taken years to generate a world-sized map by individual developers. Would you love to play more open-world games? let us know in the comments below.


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