Top 5 iPhone 8 Rumors And What To Expect From Apple’s New iPhone

    Apple‘s latest iPhone; iPhone 8 is on the verge of getting announced. Although it is still not clear that it will be called the iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro or iPhone Edition or something else, but the way it’s shaping up, it will be one of the biggest updates Apple has ever made.

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    iPhone 8 Rumors; What To Expect?

    If you haven’t been following all the rumors swirling around the iPhone 8 over past few months – we have rounded up all the expected and most probably ones here.


    The biggest change to the iPhone is its design. Apple is expected to drop its outdated design and the next iPhone will have a major design, which will transform the phone’s front with a bezel-less OLED display, apparently making it a smartphone of 2017.

    How Plausible? very likely. There have been a lot of renders and live images leaked.

    The other big update to the iPhone 8 that seem pretty much happening is a new front-facing camera, which is said to be located in an oblong cutout at the top of the otherwise bezel-less screen. The main focus of the camera is for 3D face-scanning technology, which will be used to unlock the phone simply by looking at it.

    iPhone 8 5

    Now, you can face-unlock your iPhone, instead of relying on fingerprint-based Touch ID sensor. This front camera can also help in augmented reality, payments and some other added features.

    How Plausible? very likely, but with some added question mark.


    With the new screen design, it seems that its iconic home button will be replaced. So, where will the Touch ID go? this brings us down to three options;

    1. Apple might build Touch ID directly into the display.
    2. Apple might move the Touch ID to the back of the device and possibly hide into the Apple logo.
    3. Apple might kill Touch ID to bring in a new face scanning technology for biometric authorization.

    How Plausible? Most likely. Although reports incline towards option three, we will stick to option one.


    This will apply to both iPhone 7S, 7S Plus and iPhone 8. Well, after a sidelining this feature from a long time, Apple is said to be finally adding wireless charging to its entire line of phones. This, of course, has a downside, rumors suggest that Apple will be using older and slower version of the Qi charging specifications.

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    In addition to that, the company may also restrict charging to charging pads approved through the company’s MFi accessory program, in which Apple charges licensing fees for. This could bring us down to a single wireless charging method for all your devices.

    How Plausible? very likely. Seems to be happening.


    Apple iPhones are premium end smartphone and of course, reduces the weight of your wallet. Currently, you’ve got a choice between the smaller iPhone 7 for $649 (Rs 56,200), $749 (Rs 65,200) or $849 (Rs 74,400), depending on the storage.

    iPhone 8 4

    And the larger iPhone 7 Plus adds an additional $120 to the comparable iPhone 7. Assuming the pricing of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 might the first phone to break a four figure price tag.

    How Plausible? we are not sure about pricing, but you must definitely start saving.

    Apple is all set to announce iPhone 8 on 12 September’17. What do you guys think about iPhone 8? Are you excited? What all features you would like to see in the upcoming iPhones? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned for more updates.

    Featured Image Credit: MacRumors

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